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Guangdong Zhongyi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

1985-201630 yearsBrilliant

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Guangdong Zhongyi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Zhongyi Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.  was founded in 1985, is located in the beautiful environment of the great hometown - Zhongshan City, North Guangzhou, south of Zhuhai, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, and convenient transportation, is the United Nations Common Fund for commodities (CFC), the first batch of four hot dip galvanizing of environmental protection projects and the implementation of the enterprise, China first street for batch production enterprises, in southern China's largest tapered steel bar, steel structure, crane, hot dip galvanizing production and processing base and China South China University of technology hot dip galvanized experimental training base. 30 years of development and growth, in the arts and the heavy industry is China's resource allocation is the most advanced, the most perfect, the service high pole infrastructure, large-scale steel, hot-dip galvanizing, sea port industry and trade of machinery and equipment manufacturing industrial enterprises.

Company built and put into operation the crane, steel pole, steel structure, galvanizing by dipping, spraying production line, has two production bases in Zhongshan Henglan Town, God bay, which Henglan processing base, God bay for the assembly base, is divided into port machinery, hot dip galvanized steel, steel pole three branch. Main products and services include: lamp series (lamps, landscape lamp, high pole lamp, traffic signal lamp pole, monitoring bar, etc.); power communication tower series (mobile communication signal tower, circuit wiring tower, etc.); steel structure (transformer oil tank, steel structure engineering, steel structure design, steel structure installation); cranes (large span gantry crane, gantry crane, single boom portal crane, Doumen crane, fixed crane series.); hot dip galvanizing (galvanized steel, galvanized steel, galvanized steel structure) and other 20 kinds of types, more than 100 varieties.

Companies focus on technical innovation personnel training and system establishment, enterprise is strong in science and innovation, with independent R & D and manufacturing capacity, existing senior title of innovative research team of more than 50 people, professional and technical experts 500. And with the China Ministry of transport and Water Transport Science Research Institute, Wuhan University of Technology, South China University of Technology, Zhongshan college, University of Electronic Science and technology of Zhongshan Polytechnic and other well-known institutions of higher learning and cooperation in science and technology development and personnel training, school enterprise cooperation to promote collaborative innovation and steady development; cooperation with Guangdong province equipment Institute Zhongshan branch of Wuhan University of Technology, three party cooperation, jointly undertake the development of equipment manufacturing (Zhongshan municipal government set up an investment center) research and design of port logistics equipment machinery, currently we have many patent technologies with independent intellectual property rights and innovation products; become a strategic partnership with the Wuchang heavy engineering Limited by Share Ltd, heavy technical resources sharing platform, the joint development of the industry of high-tech products.

The company's high-end technical services related industries around the world. Products all over the country, are exported to Russia, the United States, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and Macao and other countries and regions. Technical service ThyssenKrupp Elevator Co., Ltd, abb ASIM Boveri group, China tower company, China Zhongtie major bridge engineering, Guangdong power grid and other large enterprises and the Hong Kong, Zhuhai and Macao Bridge, Macau Taipa new terminal multiple international project.

Company will be "the revitalization of industry, benefiting the community" as a business purpose, to "the greed immediate interest and value behind the name" as its corporate motto, adhere to the sustained for customers to create a value of the business philosophy, continuous technological innovation, and strive to become a "well-known international, the domestic first" national heavy industry equipment enterprises.

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